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Ösel Dry Gin

Pole saadaval
Ingredients: Öselian juniper berries, lilac, cowslip, elfin thyme and Nordic ginger are the key ingredients of this unique gin.
Aroma: Spring flowers mix with an energetic, intensive citrus, adding a nuance to the young birch leaves and coriander seeds.
Taste: The juniper berries of Saaremaa, joined with the floral bouquet of cowslip and lilac, greet you. Then the taste develops on the tongue, filling your mind with elfin thyme and Nordic ginger, and leaving an exhilarating aftertaste.
Food: Snacks and light meals
Serving: At temperatures up to 20 degrees, ice cubes or light tonic.
From: The product is made from Öselian hand-picked herbs.
Bottle: 500 ml